How to backup internet connections

backup internet connections

Most of us now use the internet throughout the course of our working days, and we expect it to be there 24/7/365. But when it’s not, it can cause us no end of trouble, and at this point, it’s when it finally hits home for most of us how reliant we have all become. Many business now simply cannot function with no internet connection leading to a loss of productivity and consequently profit.

Bill Gates state Apple should unlock the iPhone to the FBI

bill gates backs fbi

Last week in the news, the FBI was asking Apple for a backdoor to access to San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, there have been many requests launched against it. From anonymous to celebrities and other colleagues of technology, have stated their hope that Apple won’t cooperate amidst this new pressure. However, very few have been those who have said they were in favour of this FBI demand.

Download Office Mobile for Android

office365 sign in

Surely you’ve encountered the situation where you’re not in the office and don’t have a computer handy yet still need to modify a Word document. Or perhaps you are on the train on the way to work and need to fix a power point presentation urgently and have it ready for when you arrive. With Microsoft Office Mobile you have all these solutions in a single application that can be installed on any Android device.