Demolition company destroys the wrong house and blames Google Maps

google maps demolition

This happened in Texas – when the owner of a house, 7601 Cousteau Drive in Rowlett which had been damaged by a tornado, hired a demolition company to tear it down. Apparently, the company demolished the wrong house – a similar duplex located in 7601 Calypso Drive which had also been damaged by the same tornado.

When an employee of the demolition company, having been asked by the owner of the wrong house to explain the situation, justified the action with a Google Maps screenshot indicating the position of the house that they had been requested to demolish. So far this demolition company have not chosen to clarify or apologize for the error.

The truth is that the Google Maps tool can be very useful and interesting when used in your daily life, but where is the line that will makes us stop trusting this technology, when an error caused by it can have such disastrous consequences?

Check the video below to see the complete report from the local news:

We may recall that the giant Apple has said more than once, that it would not give anyone access to content that may violate user privacy ever, but it would still seem that they are thinking about this because of the pressure exerted by the US government.

Via: TechCrunch

March Newsletter


2015 is shaping up to be a busy one.

Our web team have been busy working on customer sites and in-house projects. Responsive web sites are currently very popular – making your site look as good on a mobile as a desktop is becoming more and more important every day and this is a trend that looks like it will continue. We recently launched a site for Eagle Coaches in Bristol that is fully responsive, so will work on whatever device you choose to view it. The team are also working on several other, soon to be released responsive web sites.

We have just rolled out our online scripting system to our first audio customer and are looking forward to their feedback, so that we can standardise it across our client base.

Cloud services are also still growing this year with several customers migrating to Office365 services for data and email hosting. Not only does this reduce the reliance on on-site hardware but also makes workers truly mobile. For those not yet ready to go the whole way we are also currently rolling out hybrid solutions leaving some data on premise and the rest in the cloud.

It’s exciting times.

December Newsletter


In late November Sound Networks attended a Tech Night at Microsoft HQ in reading. The purpose of the evening was to refresh and update knowledge of Microsoft products, particularly Microsoft Azure.

This is a collection of cloud based services which can be tailored to suit the needs of any business. Think of it as a box of lego!

The night was hugely beneficial and equips us and our customers with an additional suite of tools for use to keep business running smoothly.

Our ongoing partnership with Microsoft is paying great dividends for both of us.

We are currently seeing the growth of several of our existing customers which is keeping both IT and web departments busy. Coupled with several top secret major in house projects, we are looking forward to an exciting and prosperous new year.

Merry Christmas all!

Newsletter May 2014

Newsletter Image

Sound Networks have been enjoying a busy period since we last spoke. Our in house web team has been beavering away on Web Projects both in-house and for customers with fantastic results.

The IT team has acquired more contract support customers, which means they are also looking at a busy few months up ahead as we get these customers up to speed and implement any upgrades now in the pipeline.

We are now able to work with any business’s or charities looking to take advantage of the Superconnected Cities Government Grant scheme, which can help with the costs of implementing super fast broadband for your business. If you’re not sure how to navigate this process, and how it could help you, we would be pleased to help.

In early April all of the Sound Networks team attended a team building day in Somerset, in conjunction with the rest of The Sound Marketing Group Companies. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day, and I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all – finished off with a great meal and night out in a local pub. Nuff said!

Paul Cox

IT Director

Newsletter February 2014

Sound Networks have had a great start to the year acquiring several prestigious new web development contracts – watch this space and all will be revealed!

Laurence has now reached the conclusion of a lengthy project to develop and launch an ecommerce site for one of our partner companies, which has resulted in a very happy customer who should hopefully see a fast return on investment.

Cloud services are likely to be a hot topic this year as were last, and we recently completed the first Office 365 installation for 2014. Utilising Microsoft Sharepoint and Sky Drive, multiple folders are able to be shared between multiple users regardless of their physical location. Sound Networks are now a Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partner.

Newsletter November 2013

Following on from our last update, the install of a wireless network into the public area of a well known museum and tourist attraction in late August went well. Due to some careful preparation, programming, working with partners and other providers, the system worked ‘out of the box’ as soon as it was plugged in. A very pleasing result for all involved.

During September the Sound Marketing Group undertook a stock take which not only was a useful accounting exercise but also liberated space in the building as a full skip was taken away full of the things we thought one day may come in handy, turns out they didn’t!

At the end of September another Sound Networks customer become the proud owner of a Barracuda Backup device. This unit not only automates backups from your server to itself, but also manages an upload to the cloud to store your data. This means you get the best of both worlds by incorporating both an on, and offsite backup into one device. We feel this is currently the most viable option if you want to store your valuable company data offsite.

At the beginning of October Paul Cox from Sound Networks and Darren Moffatt from Sound Marketing presented a workshop on Branding and Creating an Online Presence at The Childcare Business Day at Wiltshire College Lackham. Taking up the spot after lunch, the presentation was lively and thought provoking and hopefully helped people through the traditional after lunch lull.

Looking forward, the period between now and Christmas should be busy for both our IT and Web teams with plenty of projects on the go, hopefully we can share some of these with you in our next update!

Paul Cox

Newsletter August 2013

Sound Networks are pleased to welcome Laurence Gush to their team as assistant Web developer to Daniel Brown. Laurence’s expertise and experience will help to improve the Sound Marketing Group’s online profile and provide greater resources for tackling and developing customer projects some of which include; website optimisation for mobile devices, customer databases and ecommerce systems.

On the 7th May, long term IT staff member Mark became the proud parent, together with his wife Nicki, of baby Rose. All are doing well and despite his currently disrupted sleeping pattern Mark is still solving tricky IT related problems every day, congratulations to Mark and Nicki!

April the 8th 2014 is the official end of support date for Windows XP and Office 2003 and Sound Networks have been busy planning for this alongside some of their existing customers. It may seem a long way off, but the impact of running end of life software could be greater than most people imagine. Whether it be a simple software upgrade or hardware replacement that is required to help you mange this obstacle, we would be delighted to discuss the options open to anybody who wishes to know more.

Looking forward, we have a busy month ahead with server installs, routine maintenance and repair, every day support and the installation of a wireless network in to a major UK tourist attraction. We look forward to catching up again next month and letting you know how it went!