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windows 10 free upgrade

Free upgrade to Windows 10 – what are you waiting for? Chances are you have seen the upgrade prompt and have either already upgraded, really don’t want to or are somewhere in-between.

For those who are steadfast Windows 7 fans the introduction of Windows 8 may have put you off upgrading. Whilst I am a fan of 8.1, the out-of-the-box confusing user interface was responsible for most of the gripes; luckily Windows 10 combines the best parts of both operating systems, and YES, the start menu is back! The charms bar has gone in favour of an improved settings area and the dual modern and classic desktop environments introduced in Windows 8 are no more.

Other benefits include;

-Improved (customisable) search will include web, store and local device results. Use voice activated Cortana virtual assistant from here for searches, scheduling and more.

-Virtual desktops to split and segregate workloads. Snap windows to corners or left/right.

-New Edge browser allows user annotation and sharing, Cortana integration and a simplified reading mode.

-“Windows Hello” allows sign in via fingerprint, face or iris scan on supported devices.

-Seamless integration with your free OneDrive cloud storage.

-Universal app platform to enable the same app to work on signed in Windows 10 devices – pc, phone, tablet, Xbox etc.

-Security and performance improvements on previous Windows versions.


Best of all it’s free until the end of July – and if it really isn’t for you then you have 30 days to roll back to your previous version of Windows.

Mark Warburton – Technical Consultant Sound Networks