Sound Networks provide a range of IT services and provide everything to cater for small to medium sized businesses.

Managed IT Support for Business

A successful business is one that runs smoothly. Whether you have two computers or one hundred, any problems which interrupt your work flow can be both costly and frustrating. Our customers choose us for IT support in Melksham, Wiltshire and beyond because we deal with the complicated IT so they don’t have to. We think this should apply right from the start, which is why our IT support packages follow just two simple rules: two ways to fix and two ways to… Read more Managed IT Support for Business

Broadband Services in Melksham

If you are looking for a leased line, fibre Ethernet connection or just plain broadband, we are able to supply a range of high quality broadband connections. Depending on your location, various types of broadband technology may be available to you including, ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, Fibre Ethernet connections, Copper Ethernet and GEA Ethernet. Ethernet Circuits are also known as Ethernet Leased Lines and are effectively the next generation Leased Lines – at a fraction of the cost of old Leased… Read more Broadband Services in Melksham

Office 365 Setup in Melksham

With superfast broadband options now available to most people, Office 365 from Microsoft is now an extremely viable product for businesses of all sizes. As a Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions partner, we are able to advise which package is right for you, configure it and set it up for you as you require – Office 365 setup made easy! Just some of the features of this fantastic product (depending on version) include.
  • Access your files and data from anywhere with…
Read more Office 365 Setup in Melksham

Networking Services in Melksham

If you’d like your employees to share and collaborate on documents you’re going to need an efficient ethernet network. The way your business currently operates and the way you expect it to grow will dictate the design of your network. We’ve made our name in gathering a thorough understanding of what our clients do, how they do it and designing a bespoke network solution with scalability and progression in mind. As a ZyXel and Netgear solutions provider we are able to… Read more Networking Services in Melksham

Hardware & Software support in Melksham

Once you have the backbone of your Network in place you can concentrate on what you plug into it, mainly Computers and Servers. As a reseller for Dell, Fujitsu and many other leading brands we are able to provide server supply in Wiltshire and computers too. We can meet and exceed your requirements from budget PCs to high end machines, even bespoke component builds. With the introduction of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials, the initial bar to entry for your… Read more Hardware & Software support in Melksham

Computer repairs and upgrades in Melksham

Sometimes your office computer can slow down or just stop working completely. On occasion, the best course of action is to return the machine to our in-house IT workshop where our years of PC fault finding experience put us in a strong position to be able to pinpoint the fault. Be it due to hardware failure or software issues, we can provide you with sensible advice about the best way to get you up and running again - with minimal down time. For more information… Read more Computer repairs and upgrades in Melksham

VoIP systems experts in Melksham

IT and Comms have moved closer and closer together in the last few years and with the introduction of Voice Over IP technologies the gap has narrowed even further. Sound Networks are now able to provide Voice Over IP telephone systems for your business. Not only can Voice Over IP telephone systems provide a significant monthly cost saving over a conventional analogue or ISDN version, they can also provide the facility for remote working. Coupled with our remote access options for IT, remote… Read more VoIP systems experts in Melksham

Email Services in Melksham

Choosing the right email solution is fundamental to getting your communications up to speed. It doesn’t seem that long ago that email was almost a novelty in the workplace. Now it is accepted as a given, essential in fact. Depending on how much you utilise it, the number of staff you have, and the type of files you work with, these factors can all make a difference to the solution you choose. Sound Networks are able to advise you on… Read more Email Services in Melksham