If you are looking for a leased line, fibre Ethernet connection or just plain broadband, we are able to supply a range of high quality broadband connections. Depending on your location, various types of broadband technology may be available to you including, ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, Fibre Ethernet connections, Copper Ethernet and GEA Ethernet.

Ethernet Circuits are also known as Ethernet Leased Lines and are effectively the next generation Leased Lines – at a fraction of the cost of old Leased Line services – and provide the UK’s best Internet access circuits – Ethernet Circuits are ideal for businesses who require guaranteed throughput bandwidth with SLAs that support voice, video and mission critical data applications.

Some of the features of Ethernet leased lines include:

  • The fastest and best quality Internet connectivity available in the UK.
  • Available using Fibre, EFM Copper or GEA FTTC access circuits.
  • Ideal replacement for existing Leased Line services – at up to half the cost.
  • Ideal for combined voice and data connectivity.
  • Bandwidths from 2Mb – 1Gb.
  • Uncontended bandwidth.
  • No DSL Overheads = maximum throughput.
  • Guaranteed uncontended bandwidth (unlike ADSL or SDSL).
  • Guaranteed performance with SLA.
  • Highly reliable & resilient connections.
  • Available as direct Internet or site to site connectivity
  • Ethernet provides a cost effective high speed data interface with complete UK wide coverage.
  • MPLS and Hosted Firewall functionality.

For a competitive quote on your leased lines in the Melksham area and beyond, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and investigate the connectivity options open to you at your location.