Once you have the backbone of your Network in place you can concentrate on what you plug into it, mainly Computers and Servers. As a reseller for Dell, Fujitsu and many other leading brands we are able to provide server supply in Wiltshire and computers too. We can meet and exceed your requirements from budget PCs to high end machines, even bespoke component builds.

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials, the initial bar to entry for your first, or even replacement Server has now been lowered whilst at the same time gaining in functionality. Server 2012 can be used either in conjunction with an on premise Microsoft Exchange Server or a Hybrid Solution utilising an Office 365 setup. Once all is setup we can help your business move forward by providing server support in Wiltshire and beyond.

It’s a fact, every business is unique. This means that businesses are often forced to use lots of different off-the-shelf computer programs in order to function, when instead one bespoke solution could increase capacity and efficiency plus streamline your server support requirements.

Sound Networks will deal with your bespoke server supply and software requirements. Our speciality in this area is the development of software to manage production based environments.