A successful business is one that runs smoothly. Whether you have two computers or one hundred, any problems which interrupt your work flow can be both costly and frustrating. Our customers choose us for IT support in Melksham, Wiltshire and beyond because we deal with the complicated IT so they don’t have to.

We think this should apply right from the start, which is why our IT support packages follow just two simple rules: two ways to fix and two ways to pay.

Pay as you go

If something goes wrong, or you’re unsure of something then you can just pick up the phone and IT support is at hand. Once you have told us the problem, we can fix it remotely by either telling you what needs to be done or by logging in and fixing it for you. If you’re after a little more, you can arrange for one of our engineers to visit you onsite, whichever you prefer, it’s your choice. Invoice in the post, job done.

Pay Monthly

We have tried to keep the terms and pricing of our IT Support Contract package simple. You pay us a monthly fee and we promise to look after you, easy. With the installation of a small piece of software onto PC’s and servers,  IT support contract customers can benefit from our new Sound Networks Proactive Monitoring. This takes our remote fixing abilities to the next level as we are alerted and able to fix problems often before you realise you have one. Currently we estimate that 90% of customer issues can be fixed via remote IT support saving the cost of an onsite visit.* Who wouldn’t agree that prevention is better than cure? We believe that calling for IT support should not be an intimidating experience and we encourage our customers to call us as often as they like – then we provide them with simple plain English answers and solutions to their questions.

For a more comprehensive package to cover IT support in the Melksham area and beyond we can now offer the following.

All Inclusive

The same level of cover as our Pay Monthly package, but with onsite visits included in the monthly fee. POA.

* £50.00 minimum monthly spend, for units over 20 please call to discuss rates.

* Email, telephone and remote IT support covered by maintenance packages. Onsite visits chargeable at an hourly rate or can be bought in advance, please call for more details.