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What’s the difference between disaster recovery and backup? Backups provide copies of your data alone; for restoration in case of damage, loss or corruption. This is just one element of disaster recovery.

Having a full system image backup of your servers and client computers means that should you be unfortunate enough to experience a total loss, your systems setup, configuration and data can be restored to similar hardware, in a matter of hours instead of days, exactly as it was when last backed up. Do you remember how long it took to setup your servers and PC’s in the first place? Without an image backup, this will all need to be done again, before you can access your data backup. This is just the kind of delay you will not need when trying to get on your feet again.

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IT Disaster recovery systems should form part of a bigger plan to get your business up and running in the event of a total loss of hardware due to unexpected circumstances such as major systems failure, fire, flood or theft. It’s one thing to have a copy of your data, but if your systems are gone, what do you do with it? Disaster recovery systems help you to guarantee access to your data backups after the worst happens and help to form part of your overall Business Continuity Plan.

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