Demolition company destroys the wrong house and blames Google Maps

google maps demolition

This happened in Texas – when the owner of a house, 7601 Cousteau Drive in Rowlett which had been damaged by a tornado, hired a demolition company to tear it down. Apparently, the company demolished the wrong house – a similar duplex located in 7601 Calypso Drive which had also been damaged by the same tornado.

When an employee of the demolition company, having been asked by the owner of the wrong house to explain the situation, justified the action with a Google Maps screenshot indicating the position of the house that they had been requested to demolish. So far this demolition company have not chosen to clarify or apologize for the error.

The truth is that the Google Maps tool can be very useful and interesting when used in your daily life, but where is the line that will makes us stop trusting this technology, when an error caused by it can have such disastrous consequences?

Check the video below to see the complete report from the local news: