Windows 7 support has come to an end

windows 7 support ends

Yes, it’s true, this means no more updates, no more service packs, or updates to malicious software removal tools. Of course you have to remember that Windows 7 (good as it was) is now three operating systems back in time, since then we have had Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and now of course Windows 10.

The updates will stop flowing because Microsoft of course want you to upgrade to Windows 10, and from our point of view, this is a good thing. Not only is it free but where corporate users are concerned, who have multiple PC’s and want a single platform across all of them it’s a great and inexpensive way to achieve that – providing there is support for the other desktop apps they may be using.

The more cynical amongst us will of course want to know why Windows 10 is currently free – the simple answer is that it’s cheaper to support something new than something old!

Paul Cox – IT Director Sound Networks