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Sound Networks provide support packages to suit businesses from start-up to enterprise. Each package is focused to match the different stages of growth of your venture. Bottom line, you need your IT to work with you, not against you – leaving you free to focus your attention on what is required to meet your own specific goals. Let us function as your own outsourced IT department – so you don’t have to!


IT Support package

Endpoint monitoring PLUS easy access to PAYG support.

Perfect for start-ups and maturing businesses. Vital support to help you conform with best practice and compliance standards. Helps to provide clarity over existing systems.

Small Business

IT Support package

Endpoint monitoring PLUS easy access to included remote support services.

Designed for mature and expanding businesses. Patch management and essential maintenance tasks included. Allows you to focus more on managing your business, not your IT.


IT Support package

Full system monitoring with remote and onsite support.

For businesses heavily reliant on IT. Parallel support for your growing enterprise to provide a cost effective and consistent level of IT management. Full remote systems management plus onsite visits when you need them.

We believe that being scared of your IT will hold you back. Don’t be afraid of it, let us face your IT demons for you, so that your network works as a useful tool, rather than a scary monster not to be talked about. Providing a friendly and approachable service is of paramount importance to Sound Networks and we encourage you to call and speak with us in person. Of course, if you prefer we can stick to emails – but sometimes, it’s just easier to talk and get it all out in the open.