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What can I do to protect my business?

As a starting point, we recommend that you work towards gaining the Cyber Essentials Certification. This is a government backed scheme.

Cyber Security – everyone seems to be talking about it! The truth is all organisations are facing greater risks from cyber threats which could compromise their critical business data. This could include data leakage or total loss, which could compromise business continuity and lead to a subsequent impact on revenue and reputation. Nobody wants that.

Cyber Essentials

What are the benefits to getting Cyber Essentials Certified?

The Cyber Essentials Certification allows you to demonstrate your organisations commitment to strong security and data practices.

This ensures that you are taking the necessary steps to protect yours and your customers information.

Think of it as an MOT for your IT. You pay a fee to the agency which checks whether you meet the required standard, the same fee also provides most organisations with free cyber insurance protection and support in the event of an attack.

How will Cyber Essentials improve the security of my organisation?

By working to the required standards for certification, this will provide a mechanism to work with which will help you make the right choices about how your infrastructure is setup and managed. This includes using firewalls, having secure configuration in place, software patching and having secure user and administration accounts.

What’s the difference between AV and EDR?

In short, one is reactive and the other is proactive. Traditional Anti-Virus is great at dealing with threats which it is aware of, but if a new unknown threat comes along, likely it will just slip through. An Endpoint Detection and Response product on the other hand, is far more suspicious and will launch its own investigations into suspicious behaviour – it’s a far more sophisticated tool for now, far more effective than AV products which were deemed adequate ten years ago.

In Summary...

Cyber Security is an ongoing journey, with an ever-changing threat landscape it’s not just one hit and then it’s done. We are constantly facing new threats so staying one step ahead of the bad guys is the name of the game.

Keeping your systems and data secure is an ongoing process and much of it relies on adhering to best practice frameworks such as Cyber Essentials and navigating the right layers of security to wrap around your all important data.

Our Assisted Self-Assessment service will help you to gain the Cyber Essentials Certification. we will work with you to complete the SAQ on your behalf and make recommendations for any remedial work required to comply with the Cyber Essentials framework.

The next tier of certification is Cyber Essentials Plus. Working towards the same framework, this is also backed up further by physical tests to your network and computers by independent professionals. Gaining this certification provides a higher level of assurance and demonstration that your business takes Cyber Security seriously and has active controls in place to maintain strong defences against Cyber-Attacks.

Please do get in touch with us to discuss how we can help to add these all important layers of security around your critical business data.

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