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Endpoint monitoring PLUS easy access to PAYG support

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IT Support

Essentials Package

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With an Essentials contract, we agree in advance the fees you pay for ad-hoc support cases, whether that is remote or onsite service required. This means that when you need help, those formalities are already dealt with and we can get on with fixing your issue.

Service Documentation

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Our monitoring agents installed on your hardware give us quick remote access to your machine which simplifies the remote support process further. It also means that if a system is under-performing or showing signs of impending failure, we will let you know about it before it becomes an obstacle to your workflow. Having this kind of arrangement in place provides you with greater peace of mind over the resilience of your IT and greater clarity over the systems in place.

  • Realtime monitoring of essential services.
  • Quick connection for remote control support (PAYG).

Do you require a higher level of support?

If you think you will require a higher level of support we can cater for this. We have two additional support packages that offer exactly that, perhaps the next package up will better suit your businesses IT requirements.

Small Business Support Package