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Centralised email signature management

Our customer, an electronics manufacturer based in Chippenham, was experiencing difficulties maintaining a consistent, professional looking email signature template throughout the company. This was important to them not only to reinforce their own brand and company details, but to illustrate their membership of relevant trade bodies, social media presence and ISO registrations.

Utilising Microsoft Exchange Online as their email system, signatures were applied directly within Microsoft Outlook, which meant that each time a change was required, this change would need to be made individually for each user. Changes included, job title revisions, brand updates, logo and membership changes and even the ability to add a promotion to an email. With over 50 users on the network, this was becoming a challenge which was getting out of hand. Additionally, it meant that emails sent outside of Outlook (for example, with a mobile device or via webmail) did not get the same, or sometimes any, signature applied.

To address this growing concern, we utilised Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365. This provides the ability to control email signatures from one central, web-based location. After the system is setup and integrated in to the Exchange Online email system, email signatures are added via the Exclaimer Cloud in Microsoft Azure, so all users get the correct signature on every message. This means that users utilising Web Mail, Mobile Devices and even Macs will have the right signature too.

No software is required to be downloaded or installed locally and no changes need to be made on client devices anymore. After an email is sent by the client, it passes through the Exclaimer cloud system and the correct signature is automatically appended as it passes through on its way to the recipient.

As a result of installing this system, it is now possible to...

All the above can be achieved quickly and easily through the web-based central console without any intervention required on client devices.

Online Portal and Customer Scripting System

Sound Marketing have been providing Audio Marketing services to UK customers for 21 years. One of these services is the provision of on-hold messaging which is the audio that customers hear when they call a business and are put on hold or transferred. This audio includes marketing information and news about the business’s products and services. It is regularly changed to keep it relevant and fresh sounding.

The method used to manage the updating of the scripts was fast becoming antiquated. Some customers were still using faxes and others were relying on emails with word documents attached to them as a means of communicating required new content. A web- based application to manage this process was identified as the ideal way forward.

We developed a web portal to address this problem and customers can now manage their scripts online, with a back end for account managers to complete the process and put the customers’ scripts into production in the Studio. The system is broken into four components:

Customer System

The customer system has many sub components all accessed via a secure and unique login. This allows Sound Marketing’s customers to manage their details and scripts, choose new music and voice artists, finalise script amends and communicate with the account management team. Customers can also view revisions and historic scripts.

Account Managers System

This element has additional features to allow account managers to manage music and voice artists, track progress of a new production and move scripts to the production studio. All actions are tracked in a logging system.

Studio System

This is the last step in the system. The studio can now send individual or multiple prompts to voice artists for voicing and once the audio has been received back, they can record how many prompts each voice artist has recorded. This enables the invoicing process to run much smoother, with no room for error. Once productions are completed the “new” scripts will then appear back in the customers’ portals, ready for the next amendment. All actions are logged and all of the scripting team are aware of where any script might be in the process loop.

Voice artist system

This element provides voice artists with the exact messages for them to voice in one nice tidy list.

After rigorous testing we now have a working application that cuts out the need for passing documents through an email system (or even post in some cases!). Customers can login, make changes and put their changes into production with feedback at any stage by checking their accounts. The scripting team also now has a way to manage and track the progress of customer submitted scripts. The studio also can also track and communicate problems back to account managers to ensure a smooth production process.

This has also enabled a completely “paper-free” system to be established at Sound Marketing, saving further money and improving their environmental credentials.

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