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Visibility in search engines is paramount, after all it's what determines how much traffic is pushed through to your website. There are dozens of factors to implement, we have developed a 100 point checklist that we use to optimise each website. This gives a solid ground to run advertising such as Google Adwords. We do NOT recommend placing any advertising before this process as it will be far less effective. If you would like us to review your website, provide a price for this process or would just like further information, simply get in touch.

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Website Performance testing

The speed and performance of your website or applications is crucial to get right. It is one of the most important factors to ranking and positioning of a website in search engines. For example, let’s say 2 businesses offer the same services and have much of the same content; search engines such as Google would favour the more optimised website that delivers its content to the end user more efficiently. So as a start we would recommend testing your website here:

If you rating is below B/B you could do with optimising your website performance. Aim for A/A rating as this will help your endeavour considerably. If you require help with any parts of this process, feel free to contact us.

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